Macsha Swim Kazajistán

New Macsha Swim Installation in Kazakhstan

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On your marks, get set… Swim! ERTIS OLYMPIC’s pool is now ready to begin their official swimming competitions. Pablo Maccarone (co-founder & CEO) and Emiliano Bella (engineer responsible for Macsha Swim at Barcelona) travelled to Pavlodar, Kazakhstan to install Macsha Swim systems. The pool at ERTIS OLYMPIC centre was opened in December last year. It […]

Macsha Swim Kazajistán

Nueva Instalación del Macsha Swim en Kazajstán

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En sus marcas, listos… ¡Swim!. La piscina de ERTIS OLYMPIC ya se encuentra lista para iniciar sus competiciones oficiales de natación. Pablo Maccarone (Co-Founder & CEO) y Emiliano Bella (Ingeniero responsable de Swim en Macsha Barcelona), han viajado a la provincia de Pavlodar en Kazajstán, para realizar la instalación y puesta a punto del sistema […]

Enduro del Verano 2019: The Biggest Motorcycle Event in the World

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The most recent “Enduro del Verano” took place from February 22nd until the 24th, at km 408 of Route 11. This year, thousands of spectators were present and an attendance record was set. For the 13th year in a row, Macsha Argentina was in charge of timing this event.   Over the past years, the […]

India Timing

Nithin: From Intern at Macsha Barcelona to Macsha India Manager 🚀

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Every year, Macsha welcomes and mentors interns from universities from all over the world. For future leaders, internships are their first work experience and an entrance to the professional world. This experience is a source of inspiration for many young people and represents an opportunity to face challenges, work as a team and demonstrate their skills. […]

India Timing

Nithin: De Intern en Macsha Barcelona a Responsable de Macsha India 🚀

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Cada año Macsha recibe y asesora a becarios de universidades de distintas partes del mundo. Las prácticas profesionales son la primera experiencia de los futuros líderes y son su entrada al mundo laboral. Dicha experiencia es una fuente de inspiración para muchos jóvenes y representa una oportunidad para enfrentar desafíos, trabajar en equipo y demostrar […]

February Blog

Common Mistakes of a Beginner Timer

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Every month, there are more Timers in the world. We’re aware that the journey of becoming a Timing Expert is filled with many difficult tasks. A lot of times mistakes happen. And when we start a new profession, it’s particularly hard to admit we did something wrong. That’s why we’re sharing the mistakes beginner Timers […]

February Blog

Errores Frecuentes de un Timer Principiante

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Cada mes hay más Timers en el mundo. Tanto el comienzo de este camino como convertirte en un experto del cronometraje, sabemos que no es tarea fácil. Existen muchas maneras de equivocarse o empezar mal esta profesión, y a veces nos cuesta admitir nuestras equivocaciones. Por eso, hoy te contamos los errores que un Timer […]

Carreras de Motor

Mach7 arrived in Spain!

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Last month we installed Mach7 in the Circuit ParcMotor, located in Castellolí, Barcelona province, Spain, for the first time. The most sophisticated and precise timing system in the world, specially designed for timing competitive high-speed events such as motor racing, is already a reality on the Iberian Peninsula #WeTimeEverything   Welcome, Cellnex and Parcmotor Castellolí […]

Carreras de Motor

¡El Mach7 ha llegado a España!

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El mes pasado hemos realizado nuestra primer instalación del Mach7 en el Circuit ParcMotor, ubicado en el municipio de Castellolí, en la provincia de Barcelona, España. El sistema de cronometraje más sofisticado y preciso del mundo, especialmente pensado para el cronometraje de eventos competitivos de alta velocidad como carreras de motor, ya es una realidad […]